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Speaking, Coaching & Mentoring Services with Dawn Carey (nee Powell)

As a Leader for over 30 years, Dawn has an innate ability to inspire and motivate people through connection and a sense of humour. She is genuinely interested in supporting and growing individuals drawing on her own extensive career, coaching, personal and professional development and life experiences. Dawn has a passion for sharing knowledge to help others in business and within the Design Industry.

Dawn Carey (nee Powell) has worked in the design industry for more than 10 years handling renovations and new builds for Residential and Commercial projects. Dawn has elevated her business from its inception in 2016 to have an enviable reputation as a high end Interior Design company. Keeping her finger on the pulse, Dawn recognised an opportunity to better serve clients working with smaller budgets, therefore creating a second business KBC Design in 2022 to work under her umbrella service offerings.

Dawn has spent many years providing educational services to aspiring designers and hobbyists through presentations, workshops, masterclasses, webinars and attending TAFE and Ulleo with face to face and online insights into the Industry, business and real life projects.

Due to ongoing demand, Dawn now offers a range of Mentoring and Coaching Services, whether you are working in the Industry, keen to gain skills, are wanting to establish or grow your own business or just want some career support, please choose from one of the services below.

Book your 15 minute no-obligation Consultation so we can uncover what will work best for you…

NOTE: Dawn will be releasing some face to face and online courses in 2024, so please register your interest at

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