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3 Reasons we LOVE Feature Open Shelving ⬇️⁠

When designed well, Feature Open Shelving looks elegant, luxurious and timeless. At Designing Interiors, our design team uses open shelving in majority of our projects.

Here is a few reasons we love Feature Open Shelving...

✨ Visual Interest

Feature Open shelves look beautiful, and are so easy to style for your purpose!⁠ Whether used for books, decor or even in your coffee or bar nook to display glasses - you can't go wrong!

When designed correctly, you can use different textures, grains and colours to make Open Shelves really stand out as a feature.

✨ Creates Balance

Open shelves are a great way to break up any areas that look too "heavy"⁠. We often use them to break up Kitchen overheads, add balance to a wall of cabinetry in a Walk-in-Robe or to create height in a Study nook.

✨ Cost Effective

An inexpensive way to take your space to the next level! Of course, this is dictated by material too, if you select a Timber or Timber veneer product, expect to pay more - however using a standard range laminate colour or wood-look from Polytec make for a cost effective and high end finish to your space.

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