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Appliances... BE GONE!

Our favourite Kitchen Design Hack for hiding your appliances, and keeping your bench tops de-cluttered!

A Hidden Pantry is one of our favourite Kitchen storage design hacks! With a counter inside with power, pantry style drawers and open shelving - there’s so many benefits to having one of these in your Kitchen…

Pictured: (L-R) Project Croome Kitchen, Project Donaldson Kitchen


✨ Retractable doors!! These babies push back in to a cavity to the side of your pantry so you can keep them open and keep moving 🙏🏻

✨ A space to keep all your counter top appliances, plugged in and away - out of sight, and no mess!

✨ Pantry drawers so you can easily access food right from front to back! No more losing older food items stored at the back of your cupboard!

✨ Sensor lighting - a neat way to light up a space behind those doors, and save on energy! It’s a no brainer 😉

Pictured: (Top - Bottom) Project Oakmont Pantry Doors CLOSED, beneath Pantry Doors OPEN

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