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Custom Artwork by Tania Blanchard

Dawn recently commissioned a stunning piece of artwork by the incredible Tania Blanchard.

The artwork, was inspired by Dawn's love of the beach. Colours going from deep blue to warm neutrals, mimicking the ocean foam meeting the stunning shore upon Dawn's favourite Main Beach in Noosa.


Tania has created and developed her own signature style, which from a distance looks like a minimalistic, impressionistic scene. However with closer inspection you can see an immense layering of coloured “impasto dots”. This accumulation of dots gives each painting a beautiful complex depth.

Tania’s work has been described as hypnotic, emotional, simply stunning and a fabulous use of colour. Artworks immediately strike a chord with her collectors, selling quickly after release. The high demand for the “Tania Blanchard Signature Style” keeps her extremely busy (and of course happy)!

‘I like to push colour variations a little to see where it goes. I’m not a shock artist but I do like…difference. If you have purchased artwork for your home or office, ask yourself “Does it makes you feel something”? If even only for a brief moment you smile, that’s a good thing, that’s good art’

You can contact Tania via her website:

Follow her on Instagram to see more of her beautiful work @tania_blanchard_creative

Pictured: image from @tania_blanchard_creative instagram page

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