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Our Top Tips on Window Furnishings!

Have you recently finished building or renovating your home? Maybe you just want to give your home a refresh? Whichever it is, Window Furnishings are the way to go! And we are here to tell you how to nail them in your space!

Know your options!

There are many options of window coverings available including

  • Shutters

  • Roller Blinds

  • Block Out Curtains

  • Sheer Curtains

  • and more...

What is the view?

One of the main considerations you should have when deciding on window furnishings for your home is your view: If it is a great view, don't hide it!

For example: Shutters, whilst beautiful, take up a lot of window area, making less viewable space. This doesn't make them ideal for use in a large window with a grand view. Stick to using these as feature coverings on small-medium windows in bedrooms, bathrooms and facades.

Take it HIGHER

Window Furnishings create mood and add value to your home. Create a luxe feel in Bedrooms or Main Living Spaces by hanging curtains or sheers from the ceiling or full wall height!

All about Layers

Layer your window furnishings for a luxe look! Soften block out curtains and/or blinds by pairing it with a sheer curtain. This provides privacy whilst letting in light and any views.

Mix it Up!

Don't be scared to mix and match window furnishings throughout your home. We suggest keeping it 2 or 3 types.

Example Living Areas and Large Bedrooms - Block out & Sheer Curtains Smaller Bedrooms - Roller Blinds or Shutters


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