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Site Visit - Project Langshaw

Last week, we met our Client and Fraser of Allen Brothers Construction on-site to receive an update, finalise some changes and see the progress!

This full-scale renovation is located in the gorgeous suburb of New Farm. Our design team was engaged to design cabinetry and complete full selections to transform this home into a modern abode, while giving homage to its whimsical character.

Below is our Kitchen Concept Design, that we presented to our client!

3D Coloured Renders are becoming so life like, its hard to believe its just a render and not a photo! We love being able to present these to our clients with their Design Concept and Cabinetry Drawings, not only is it beautiful and exciting, it really helps clients see a visual and understand the space we are creating with the finishes we have selected.

At Designing Interiors, we are all about Premium Service and Experience. Keep your eyes peeled for more Site Visits to Project Langshaw, and more project visits soon!

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