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Top 5 Renovating Tips

 Did you know that home renovations have hit an all time record high.  2018 was named as the Year of the Reno for Aussie families according to the Courier Mail.  Alterations and additions to the home surged to a high of almost $10 billion across the country.  

The most common things we hear from our clients are: + I don't know where to start + I know what I want but don't know how to pull it all together + I know what I don't like, but I'm not sure what I do like + I'm scared of getting it wrong + Who can help + How much will it cost

Below are our top 5 tips to help you prepare to renovate your home and help with some of these common questions.


1. Prioritise

Live in the house first. This helps you to really understand what you love or loath about the property! 

Decide...what you want to achieve from embarking on a renovation: + update some spaces ie kitchen or bathroom? + create more light? + create more space? + change the flow of spaces?    + will you want new furniture? + do you need more storage?

Now decide between essential and nice to have. Stick to the plan. 


2. Budget

What is your budget? Be realistic.

Knowing your budget before you start is essential to the design process and understanding what level of finishes can be included in your project. You don't want to over spend or over capitalise. 

Contingency is crucial. Unforeseen issues can crop up with any renovation, so be prepared, budget an extra 15-20%.

An expert can help keep you on track with your budget and guide you in the crucial areas on where you can easily blow your budget like the Kitchen Benchtop...prices range from $1000 - 10,000 for stone and occasional more depending on the selection.  


3. Style

What look do you want to achieve?

Classic, Modern, Contemporary, Industrial, Hamptons? It can even be a combination of styles! Choose one that suits your personality and the general look that you are drawn to. Don't overthink it!

Gather images of interiors and exteriors that you

like. Share them with your Designer. Also know what look you don't like so they can keep you on track with your vision throughout the process.

The style of your Kitchen greatly determines the overall style of the home.


4. Get help!

So you know what style you want...can't be that hard to do it yourself you may think? Have you thought about how much it will cost you to get it wrong? Are you confident enough to create some interesting spaces or will you play it safe? The likelihood is that you won't do this again for a number of it right. Get help and be proud of your space.

An expert can not only Design your space to its full potential, but will help keep you on track with your style and budget. With a professional by your side, you will have the confidence to make decisions you wouldn't necessarily have made alone. 

Choose someone that you feel comfortable with and that shares the same excitement and passion for your project. You will spend a lot of time with them over the journey of your project. 


5. Be prepared

Everyone has an opinion and they typically love to share it! Stick to YOUR plan. Once the design and sel

ections are complete and especially when construction commences, avoid unnecessary changes as this is when errors can occur and budgets can blow out along with timelines.

Move out!  

Attend regular site visits with your Designer and Builder as required. Otherwise stay away! Construction sites can be a very dangerous place. 

Finally, enjoy the journey! This is an exciting time and to see your space transformed is wonderful!

Good luck!


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