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Which WHITE is right?

We often hear from clients that choosing a wall paint is a stressful activity, and to then match other whites in the space, becomes even more overwhelming!! ⁠There is THOUSANDS of shades available, so how do we choose?

Here are our #TOPTIPS on selecting perfect white for your space.


Life would be simple if "White" was always the same colour, wouldn't it? But it would also be boring, add no depth to your space and be very stark. This is why paint suppliers will offer a wide selection of "Whites", with varying tones and hues available to suit your needs!

When using the term undertones, we are referring to the colour of tint applied to the original "White" base. For example, when a black tint is added to the white, it develops a grey-toned white, whereas a brown tint will produce warm, pink undertones.

Cool Whites have a blue/black base, for a clean, crisp & contemporary look. A cool-toned white will work to neutralise natural sunlight, making it perfect for large open-plan living spaces that may receive ⁠a lot of direct sun.

Warm Whites have a yellow/brown base and create a cozier feel.⁠ You can often notice a warmer-toned white distinctly, as it may throw around pink, yellow or green undertones when placed upon brighter colours. These tones are often suited well to character or classic styled homes, when the palette warrants it!


Are you selecting a colour to simply re-paint and "refresh" your existing home? OR are you planning a renovation? It is important to ask these questions, to understand your intention, as well as to narrow down the options that will work for your space.

If you plan on simply re-painting, you are most likely working with the existing bench tops, flooring and cabinetry in your space. Not to mention, the colour on your existing walls! We recommend picking up some paint sample cards and holding them against the other finishes around your home, to see if the tones match. Some will look slightly more pink, blue or yellow! This will help you distinguish what will tie in with your existing palette. ⁠

On the other hand, if you are completing a full (or even part) renovation, it is highly likely you will be re-painting the whole house a brand new colour to tie in with your new materials and finishes!

It can be overwhelming pulling all the selections together, we suggest consulting with an Interior Designer, even for a one-off consultation to receive some expert advice, guidance and validation on your ideas.


Once you have narrowed down your options, purchase some sample paint pots and test the colour on your own walls. Colour tones will change across spaces, depending on lighting and reflection of surrounding finishes and influences. Even once dry on the walls, the colour will appear different again! This step is really crucial to your selection process if you are deciding for yourself and not consulting with a designer or expert.

It's more time consuming taking this extra step, but it will be well worth your efforts to ensure you select the best white for your spaces! Just be sure to choose a spot to sample that you will definitely paint over...

We hope this helped! If you have any questions, need advice or want to speak to our friendly team about helping you, call us for a no-obligation chat today 0424 299 059

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